Friday, July 2, 2010

Amazing Progress

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote on this blog. Tallie now has a baby brother which is the biggest reason why I have not had time to take a minute to collect my thoughts and write them down these days.

Tallie has completely amazed us over the last few months and continues to every single day. When I last wrote about what Tallie was going through she had just started going to TAP. She is now almost done and will soon start going to school 5 days a week at Standing Bear elementary.

TAP has done amazing things for Tallie. To start her eye contact has increased dramatically. It used to be a struggle to get Tallie to look at me even for a second, now she will look at me for minutes at a time. She responds to her name a lot more these days, she also is a lot more aware of her environment. She will go to look and see who just walked in the front door when someone comes over; a few months ago she would barely even notice that someone else had walked in the room. When she walks out of class and sees me she gets a big smile on her face, just a month ago I would have to work to get her attention and then I would rarely get a smile or a reaction that showed me that she was happy to see me. Her joint attention has improved a lot as well. She has begun to say several words. Now a days it seems like she says a new word almost every day! She said her first full sentence... "I wanna drink it" when she really wanted a juice box! It was a huge moment in our lives. She has pointed to her brother and said "baby", she said "hi momma", “daddy”, "more", “jump”, "swing" and so many more words I can hardly remember them all. She has made so many improvements, it amazes me to sit here and think about it.

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