Friday, August 27, 2010

I know I'm Cool, But Really...

I have seen some amazing progress since Tallie started school less than 2 weeks ago. I feel like she is a "new woman"! She is doing new things and saying new things every day. Yesterday she said her name for the first time! It was HUGE! I was so excited! I am so so happy with her progress so far, however all this has also come with quite a bit of a challenging transition period for Tallie. She has had some major meltdowns. Now meltdowns aren’t anything new for Tallie but these are BAD! I even teared up the other night watching her go through one. I feel so bad for her. I have no idea what is wrong and the way she is screaming and looking at me, you'd think she was in serious pain. I would do anything to know what was wrong so I could just fix it for her. Instead I have to just wait it out. Let me just clarify too that this is not your average two year old tantrum, this is something I have never seen before and I can't even explain it, you'd have to witness it for yourself. I think part of it is adjusting to school and a new routine, I think the other part is being tired. I'm sure it wears her out to go to school every day and she's too stubborn most days to take a nap. Tallie has also been going through severe separation anxiety, especially from me. I honestly can't even leave the room without her going into complete meltdown mode. I am finding myself taking her with me to the bathroom just so I don't have to listen to the screaming and crying that I know will happen if I leave the room. So as I titled this, I know I'm cool, but really Tallie I'm just leaving the room for a second. I'll be right back. I wish I could just sit her down and explain this to her. I know she'll start to understand eventually but for the time being I guess we'll just be joined at the hip a lot. :)

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