Friday, August 20, 2010

Miss Independent!

So Tallie goes to preschool for two days and decides that she is now miss independent! Today I found her in her room undressed and jumping up and down in front of the mirror. I said, "you silly girl did you take your dress off" and helped her put it back on. She right away took it off again and jumped up and down all excited and proud of her self. This repeated itself a few times. This is the very first time I have seen Tallie undress herself! When I started fixing dinner tonight Tallie saw me and instead of whining and pulling on my clothes like she usually does when she wants her dinner and wants it now, she went and grabbed a chair and pushed it over to the counter and climbed up to see what I was doing. She has seen her sister do this a million times so I guess she decided it was her turn to help with dinner. It was so cute. I took her hand and showed her I wanted to put some apple pieces on each plate and she helped me do it! Then at dinner I gave her a sippy cup of milk and she got up and grabbed a cup and gave it to me. So I poured her milk into the cup and she drank it. She has drank out of a cup several times, but she has never shown me that she preferred a cup over a sippy cup. What a big girl! These three things are big steps for Tallie and I am so proud of her. Can't wait to see what else the school year brings!

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